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Traditional and Modern Wooden Miniature Frames

Pattern 515

Wood veneers with inner rectangular gilt slip and black insert with elliptical aperature. Could be hung as a Portrait or Landscape. Flat glass

Glass size Outside dimensions Price
6 x 5cm (2½" x 2") 12 x 10cm (4¾" x 4") £71.25
9 x 7cm (3½" x 2¾") 14 x 12cm (5½" x 4¾") £72.95

Pattern 17s

.Rectangular Black lacquer finish with bronze bezel recessed and ring hanger. Available in Portrait or Landscape format. Also available in solid Walnut or Mahogany. Convex glass.

Glass size Outside dimensions Price
6 x 5cm (2½" x 2") 13 x 12cm (5 1/8" x 4¾") £46.75
9 x 7cm (3 3/8" x 2 5/8") 16 x 14cm (6¼" x 5½") £48.75

Rectangular Frame with Elliptical Gold Plated Bezel

Plain Option with Black Velvet

Floral Spandrel Option

Pierced Spandrel Option

Celtic Spandrel Option

Choose any of our standard mouldings.
The outside dimensions of the rectangular frame are 5¾" x 5" (146 x 127mm).

The gold finish bezel is inserted into a velvet covered surround.

Sight size 3½" x 2½" (86 x 66mm) with convex glass.

Approximate Sight Sizes. Allow 6mm (1/4") extra on sight size for rebate

Price £43.50

Cast gold finish corner spandrels can be fitted from a choice of three styles at £9.75 extra.

Burgundy Velvet Option

Blue Velvet Option

Green Velvet Option

Quality Bespoke Wooden Rectangular Frames

Made to your own specification. Choose from the specially selected miniature mouldings and a range of mountboards with either Square, Rectangular, Round or Elliptical aperatures.

Each frame is complete with flat glass and backing. All secured with flexi tabs. Please state whether you need screw eyes and nylon cord, triangular hangers (gold or silver), slip over saw tooth hangers or flush hangers.

This range will constantly be updated as and when new mouldings are sourced.

Please contact us for samples.

We can supply a selection of moulding samples to your choice as a set of 6 short lengths of the actual mouldings for £3.50 post free.

3/8" Mouldings Code Price Code
PP38-M001 B
PP38-M002 A
PP38-M003 A
PP38-M004 B
PP38-M005 D
PP38-M006 A
PP38-M007 G
PP38-M010 A
PP38-M011 B
PP38-M012 B
PP38-M043 B
1/2" Mouldings    
PP12-M013 A
PP12-M014 B
PP12-M015 B
PP12-M016 C
PP12-M017 A
PP12-M019 A
PP12-M020 B
PP12-M021 B
PP12-M022 B
PP12-M023 B
PP12-M024 B
PP12-M025 B
PP12-M026 B
PP12-M027 B
PP12-M028 B
PP12-M030 B
PP12-M036 E
PP12-M039 A
PP12-M044 B
PP12-M045 B
PP12-M046 B
PP12-M048 D
PP12-M050 C
PP12-M051 B
PP12-M052 B
PP12-M053 B
PP12-M054 A
PP12-M055 B
1/2" Mouldings cont. Code Price Code
PP12-M060 B
PP12-M062 A
PP12-M063 E
PP12-M064 A
PP12-M065 B
5/8" Mouldings    
PP58-M038 A
PP58-M066 B
PP58-M067 B
PP58-M068 B


PP58-M070 A
PP58-M071 C
PP58-M072 B
PP58-M073 C
PP58-M074 C
PP58-M075 C
PP58-M076 C
PP58-M077 C

PP58-M078 C


PP58-M080 C


PP58-M082 D
PP58-M088 F
PP58-M089 B
PP58-M090 B
PP58-M094 B
PP58-M098 C


PP58-M100 D
PP58-M109 D
PP58-M105 E
PP58-M106 B

All Miniature Wooden frame sizes from

2½" x 2½"

up to 7" x 5"

Price Code Price
A £10.83
B £15.15
C £19.12
D £23.24
E £26.84
F £31.16
G £34.76
H £38.73




When ordering please Quote the reference of the moulding and allow 14/21 days for manufacture and delivery. State glass size or outside dimensions of the frame.

All mouldings are nominally 3/8", 1/2" or 5/8"in width.

Quote the reference of the mount and indicate the mount colour required from our standard selection of Pale Ivory, Ivory, Champagne, Cream or Deep Cream.
Also advise the size and aperature or border required - minimum aperature 1" x

Mountboard Codes

Colour Code
Champagne PPMB - 01
Cream PPMB - 02
Ivory PPMB - 03
Antique White PPMB - 04
Pale Ivory PPMB - 05

Mounts to fit Above Frames from

2½" x 2½" up to 7" x 5"

Mount Type Price
Single Rectangular £3.02
Double Rectangular £6.10
Single Oval or Round £4.56
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