Miniature Frames available

We supply many different types of miniature frames here at Polymers Plus, so many in fact that it is necessary for us to place them in general categories: Modern Frames; Traditional Gilded Frames; Ornate Frames; Antique Replicas; Wooden Frames and Mammoth Ivory frames.

We have recently put in a lot of work to create three new categories entitled Modern Silvered Frames; Traditional Silvered Frames and Silvered Antique Replicas. These new catagories are silver plated versions of the existing gold plated frames we are well known for producing. They look beautiful and we really hope you like them

The titles below are live links (all live links are always in this colour, and underlined) to the appropriate sections. Just click on them to go straight to the designated page. But, please do not let this stop you from taking a casual browse through all our pages of products. There is sure to be something else that you will need shortly - it is less costly on postage to place one order than several small ones.

Modern Gilded frames Modern Silvered frames
Traditional Silvered frames   Silvered Antique Replicas